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Approved by 9 out of 10 Dermatologists who drive Mustangs…
More than 25 years of experience in product development and marketing
Offers an aftermarket solution for “wart” problems on the rear deck of Mustangs and other products
We develop unique solutions to help out our fellow Mustang owners
We provide a faux gas cap removal kit for 2010 to 2014 models of Ford Mustangs
We produce easy to use products that are of the best quality


About this little business. I saw other decklid versions which seemed inferior and knew I could do a better job. So here it is. At this time I have only one product and I mass produce it. And shouldn’t have a back order issue for more than a week at most. My MFG partners are local and we have a great relationship. Their ability to produce parts is significant.

The final and most important part about this business. My mother in law is a sweet lady who needs something easier to do for her retirement. I had some ideas over the years of businesses for her to run. This one is the best fit of all my ideas. At a certain point in the future I’ll be turning it over to her to run, with my occasional help. At that time it’ll be fully operated by a female senior citizen. Too bad the government can’t use a few thousand decklid panels. They’d get tons of credit for disadvantaged business use.


At Freds Parts, we offer an aftermarket solution for “wart” problems on the rear deck lid of Mustangs and other products. We provide a faux gas cap removal kit for 2010 to 2014 models of Ford™ Mustangs. With more than 25 years of experience in product development and marketing, we take pride in developing this unique solution to help our fellow Mustang owners.

Give your mustang’s rear deck lid an upgraded appearance with our “Wart Removal” faux gas cap delete kit.

More About Us

So it’s said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I didn’t invent the wart remover, and it wasn’t really necessary. But I sure wanted the smooth decklid look. So in this case I suppose it was desire driving me. Howdy, I’m “Chainsaw” James, and I eat my own dog food. Myself I drive a 2014 Mustang GT Premium which I ordered through Roush with a Ford Racing Aluminator engine with forged internals.


Added the Phase 3 kit as soon as I could. Since September 2013 when I took delivery I’ve made many modifications to bring it to a true road track race car. Aside of the Roush badging and Roush OEM supercharger, I’ve pulled out all Roush items and replaced with actual performance versions. The local shop with whom I partner for this work is Vorshlag

A little about Vorshlag, they have an S197 Mustang which they’ve modded and raced. Breaking time trial records and much more. They test the parts they use and then with proven experience recommend them with confidence to their S197 customers, myself included. IMO everyone else out there on forums thinking they know what’s best is full of applesauce. I’ll only listen to Vorshlag when it comes to my performance mods of my “Chainsaw” Mustang. By now it’s more of a “Vorshlag Mustang” than a Roush.

Cota in Austin

Apart from running this business, we also own a number of performance vehicles and actively race on road tracks all around Texas. Our favorite track is the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin.

For more info about the track,
check out their website www.CircuitOfTheAmericas.com